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Hoping to be the next New York Times best seller for her romances

photo of author Chrissy HartmannChrissy lives with the two loves of her life, her hubby and son in a sleepy college town in Northeast Ohio. Growing up in farm country tipping cows, riding horses, and surviving the depths of Lake Erie on a 36-foot sailboat have given her plenty of experiences to fill her books with a whole slew of unique characters.Anyone thinking they recognize them self as a character, you don’t. They’re all from her imagination, an imagination some say like Dr. Frankenstein where she throws together bits and pieces of the people she’s met into one creation. Unless of course you end up on her blocked list, then watch out. You need no piecing together for one of her villains. So if you want a definite part in her stories, kick her guide dog or steal her iPhone and you’ll have won the top spot as her next antagonists. 

She loves to write and can usually be found doing just that about any time of the day, except between 11 and 3 when she’s typing and editing medical reports. Her hubby does manage to pull her away at times to go for a ride in their SRX with the top open for ice cream or spin vinyl in the basement. Even though she’s always writing or studying history, she makes plenty of time for Star Wars with her son. Heck, she’s even been caught discussing her favorite Corellia smuggler all while they wrestle down their disgruntled long-haired kitten, Punkin to get out the knots she manages to snare. But hey, anything to take your mind off all the cat scratches.

photo of chrissy and her dogChrissy loves to venture out with her dog guide, Winnie especially to her writers group and writing conferences. Her favorite local spots are to the library and a coffee shop to get her daily dose of caffeine, especially when it’s pumpkin season, then its pumpkin everything. So if you can’t help yourself and think it wise to interrupt her writing time I suggest if her cup’s empty, you buy her a refill and have a chat. Who knows, parts of your life might end up in one of her contemporary romances or even as a quirky character in a cozy. But please don’t expect any piece of the pie. This writer doesn’t share. Sit and talk without offering a refill might just land you in one of her short stories. Not a place I’d want to be. Rumors say they’re murderous!

cover for rescuing whiskeys salvationRescuing Whiskey’s Salvation
by Chrissy Hartmann

No longer happy dealing with the glitz and glamour, cosmetic heiress, Evie Mae Stockton plans to reopen her “dead” uncle’s homeless shelter in Whiskey, Texas. But, the town’s favorite cowboy, Griff Bryant, a land developer has other ideas for it.

Battling with her finances, the repairs to the shelter, and a homeless Troupe of Clowns who unknowingly terrorize her, Evie doubts her decision of coming to Whiskey… Until Griff wants to help. Evie’s brain stubbornly insists she can do this on her own, but her heart whispers to let him in.

While her heart warms to his, the mayor’s revitalization committee, a committee Griff sits on, threatens to lasso the shelter via eminent domain.

Crushed with the news, Evie must decide between the cowboy or the shelter. Will her stubbornness stop her from RESCUING WHISKEY’S SALVATION or will it prevent her from finding true love?


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