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Hoping to hit the Best Sellers List with her contemporary western romances and more

photo of author Chrissy HartmannAward-winning blind author, Chrissy Hartmann loves to write contemporary western romances with a little bit of mystery.

She’s a Buckeye, patriot, dog lover, cat snuggler, goose dresser, romantic, coffee addict, Eagle Scout mom, whiskey sipper, T1D warrior, and one who never misses the chance to write. And write she does… Novels, award-winning short stories, a few poems, and yes even a blog, the Prickle Forrest Chronicles.

Although she writes a lot, her hubby has managed to get her out to dance the night away listening to cover bands and drinking a few cocktails. Her son and she can be found in the backyard chasing their ornery kitten and her loveable dog guide all while talking about Star Wars. She loves her Ohio teams, Buckeyes, Browns, and yes the Tribe too. Pumpkin anything will cheer her up, better yet, add a writing conference  or a trip to the local coffee shop  to that pumpkin and you’ve made a friend for life.

Some day she hopes to retire to a home near the water, preferably on Lake Erie. She’s not a fan of hot-hot weather so would rather watch the sunset while typing on her laptop looking out from South Bass Island. But that whole idea might take a few best sellers to get her there. And she says if it doesn’t happen in real life, she’ll write it into a story. After all, writers do research on their settings, so living on the lake for research would count, right?

cover for rescuing whiskeys salvationRescuing Whiskey’s Salvation
by Chrissy Hartmann

No longer happy dealing with the glitz and glamour, cosmetic heiress, Evie Mae Stockton plans to reopen her “dead” uncle’s homeless shelter in Whiskey, Texas. But, the town’s favorite cowboy, Griff Bryant, a land developer has other ideas for it.

Battling with her finances, the repairs to the shelter, and a homeless Troupe of Clowns who unknowingly terrorize her, Evie doubts her decision of coming to Whiskey… Until Griff wants to help. Evie’s brain stubbornly insists she can do this on her own, but her heart whispers to let him in.

While her heart warms to his, the mayor’s revitalization committee, a committee Griff sits on, threatens to lasso the shelter via eminent domain.

Crushed with the news, Evie must decide between the cowboy or the shelter. Will her stubbornness stop her from RESCUING WHISKEY’S SALVATION or will it prevent her from finding true love?


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